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Mission Statement​

To supply our hi-tech partners with the highest quality precision screws and parts on time, every time.

Corporate Overview

From its beginnings in 1998, ScrewTech Industry Corporation (ScrewTech) has since become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of precision screws and parts for both the domestic and international high tech industry. ScrewTech has prided itself on being able to cultivate dynamic relationships with customers, develop a depth of R&D experience, and meet strict customer demands and deadlines. Its production ranges from the manufacture of simple parts to a wide variety of finished precision screws, screw assemblies, machined parts and springs according to client requirements.

To meet the ever-growing demand from domestic and international customers, ScrewTech opened a 12000 m² plant in Wujiang (near Shanghai), China in 2001, later increasing plant size to 20000 m² in 2006. In 2002, ScrewTech moved its factory and Taiwan headquarters to Wugu, Taipei county but expanding business soon meant moving the factory to a larger 6000 m² space in Kaohsiung, south Taiwan. ScrewTech has since opened two factories in China.

In its first year, ScrewTech acquired ISO 9001 certification for its Taiwanese operations and later extended this certification to plant operations in China. In 2006 ScrewTech obtained ISO/TS 16949 certification for its Taiwan plant, adding greater value to its domestic and international clients.  In 2007, the China plant acquired ISO 14000 certification.

The 2018 monthly total production was 80 million parts in Taiwan and 280 million parts at the China plant. These figures are expected to grow over the next couple of years.

The combination of efficiency, high quality and precision has differentiated ScrewTech from its competitors and has attracted the attention of many leading hi-tech manufacturers of: 

  • Laptops

  • Automobiles

  • PCs

  • Cell phones

  • Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) units

  • Appliances

  • Motors

  • Motorcycles

ScrewTech works with its customers to continuously improve efficiency and quality of service. Particular focus is given to the following areas of ongoing development:

  • Management systems and corporate strategy

  • Production and delivery processes

  • Product research and development

  • Quality control / quality assurance mechanisms

  • Adherence to RoHS environmental protocols

For a more detailed look at the range of ScrewTech products you are invited to examine our latest parts brochure.


Core Values

ScrewTech’s is committed to the continuous development of the following Core Values:

  • A work culture of excellence and professionalism

  • The highest level of quality control and quality assurance

  • The most efficient manufacturing and delivery processes

  • Maximizing profits for shareholders and minimizing costs for clients

  • Being the industry leader in precision screw and part manufacture

  • Total client satisfaction​

ScrewTech Industrial Co., Ltd. ESG Statement

Our company adheres to a people-centric philosophy and actively responds to global sustainability trends and government environmental policies. We implement energy-saving and carbon reduction measures at all levels, involving the participation of all employees. We firmly believe that even small changes can positively impact our ESG performance.

Environmental Initiatives:

In our daily operations, we focus on details such as increasing the use of paper clips over staples, utilizing recycled envelopes for document transmission to reduce plastic bag usage, installing water-saving devices to minimize water consumption, and planting greenery to reduce carbon emissions.
We adopt practices like duplex printing and using multiple pages per sheet to reduce paper usage.
We have replaced traditional fluorescent tubes with energy-efficient LED lighting to save electricity.
In our facilities, we have designated personnel to turn off machine lighting during lunchtime and shut down air conditioning systems at 4:00 PM daily. Additionally, we have upgraded the air conditioning system’s chiller unit to a variable frequency concealed type, significantly reducing energy consumption.


Corporate Social Responsibility:

We believe that every small effort counts, and we are committed to the ESG principles. We prioritize employee well-being by providing a conducive work environment and welfare benefits.
We actively support social welfare activities, regularly assisting vulnerable groups and the Red Cross rescue team.



We adhere to legal regulations, safeguarding the rights of shareholders and stakeholders.
Our transparent and responsible management system mitigates risks and protects our reputation and competitiveness.


Collective Effort:

Our entire workforce is dedicated to transitioning from carbon reduction to carbon neutrality.
We will continue improving our ESG performance, creating a better value for our customers, employees, society, and the planet.


Recent Achievements:

In December 2023, we successfully provided CBAM data to our customers.
We are currently undergoing guidance for ISO14001 and ISO14064-1 to enhance our environmental and greenhouse gas management systems.
We are also constructing a solar power generation system, aiming to achieve self-sufficiency in electricity within our facility upon activation.

1999: Taiwan factory received ISO 9001 certification

2001: Opened first factory in China in Wujiang

2006: Moved Wujiang factory to a 20000 m² space

2006: Taiwan factory received TS 16949 certification

2008: Moved Taiwan factory to a 6000 m² space in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2010: Opened a new 200,000 m² factory in Shu Yang, China

2018: Taiwan factory upgraded certification to IATF16949

1998: Opened first factory in Luzhou, Taiwan

2011: Opened a new branch office in Xiamen, China

2012: Opened a new branch office in Chongqing, China

2013: Opened a new branch office in He Fei, China

2002: Wujiang factory received ISO 9001 certification

2002: Moved Taiwan factory to Wugu

2007: Wujiang factory received ISO 14000 certification

2020: Opened a online shop for Taiwan area (Stock item)

2020: Taiwan factory received IECQ QC 080000 certification

2024: Obtain ISO14001 certificate and import ESG


2024 Green ESG Achievement.jpg

Production range: M1-M14
RoHS compliant
China production facilities
Barcoding available
IMDS available
PPAP available
ISO 9001:2015 Certified and IATF 16949:2016 Certified
Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) DUNS Certified
Awarded the 2024 ESG Logo ★ 2035 E-Mobility Taiwan Green Logo


ScrewTech Industry Co., Ltd.

7F., No.15, Wuquan 5th Rd., Wugu Dist., New Taipei City 24888, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


Tel: +886-2-2298-9168
Fax: +886-2-2298-8968

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